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Weigher type WR

KMK type WR weighing machines are suitable for manual or automatic packaging of potatoes, onions, Brussels sprouts, carrots, beetroot, and other vegetables. Other loose products that need to be packed by weight can also be handled with these machines. The WR30 MINI and MIDI are ideally suited for manual weighing of products. The WR30 & -50 can be used in combination with an automatic packaging machine. The easy & accessible software makes it simple to set up the machine to your requirements.

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Multihead weighers

KMK Multihead weighing machines are professional line machines that manage to achieve high accuracy at a very high capacity. The idea behind this machine is to divide the quantity to be weighed into smaller quantities. The machine automatically chooses the best fitting combination of weights and thus produces a very accurate quantity.

Many options mean that this series of weighing machines always matches the customer's requirements.

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