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Washing & sieving

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Stone separator

DEMA stone separators are available in various versions. The machine is equipped with an underwater screw for separating clods and stones from potatoes, flower bulbs and carrots. It works on the specific weight of the product, which is smaller than that of clods and stones. The lighter product is pushed upwards and is diverted to the screening belt. The heavier product descends and is diverted with the cross belt.

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Sieving drum

The DEMA sieving drum is suitable for dry cleaning and tumbling of bulky vegetables, such as celery and suchlike. The thickness rectangular bars are fitted with 2 sharp corners for a durable scraping effect, and with the powerbelt, slipping is avoided in all conditions.

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The dryer type DR is a height-adjustable cloth dryer for drying your product. Its compact design makes it extremely mobile.

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Washing drum

The DEMA washing drum is suitable for drum washing of tuberous crops. The interchangeable sieves can be adjusted to the product to be washed and the powerbelt transmissions prevent slippage in all conditions. Depending on the model, the transmissions can be expanded with several powerbelts.

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